This research study was conducted through interviews at Liberty Place in Richmond, Kentucky, a rehabilitation center for women. The women who volunteered to participate in this study at Liberty Place had to have at least one child. The six participants were asked eight questions regarding their experiences as a mother at Liberty Place. They were also invited to do a painting activity to create a canvas to honor mothers like them seeking treatment at Liberty Place. This honors thesis highlights issues that arise when a mother is abusing substances. There are countless problems that family members may face when someone is abusing drugs in the household. The participants brought to light concerns they had as a mother who has had substance abuse problems and is focusing on sobriety currently. These difficulties include custody issues, family support, parenting, communication, forgiveness, guilt, and other issues as well. Several participants talked about the continued support and guidance needed for a mother who is in a rehabilitation program. This research also focuses on the lives of the specific mothers who volunteered to participate who are seeking to become sober adults and parents. The findings reveal the participants struggles, hopes, and stories as mothers and also individuals at Liberty Place.

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Spring 2020


Dr. Todd McCardle

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Department of Curriculum and Instruction

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