The financial world offers a vast number of investments that investors can include in their portfolio. The most common of these potential investments are stocks and bonds. My goal was to look into two unique types of bonds that not many people know about and gauge potential investors interest in these bonds. Catastrophe (CAT) and Death bonds are two of the more unique investments that I have come across in my time as a finance student, so I was drawn to study them further and gauge investor interest in these bonds. The primary points of this thesis are to teach people about these unique bonds, how they work, what their effect on an investment portfolio is, and how interested potential investors are in having them in their portfolios. I found in my research that the majority of the students I was able to survey were interested in having CAT bonds in their portfolio, and the majority of students were not interested in having death bonds in their portfolio.

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Fall 2020


Dr. Zekeriya Eser

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Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems

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Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems