The depictions of Alexander and Ivan IV vary in what they elements of these individuals they emphasize as well as what the decide to omit. These decisions are and were conscious decisions that were made in order to give a certain image of these two individuals throughout the centuries, with what is highlighted and what is left out changed by different regimes and different eras in Russian Culture. Ivan IV and Alexander Nevsky were chosen for their inclusion in the groundbreaking Soviet Films Ivan The Terrible and Alexander Nevsky respectively. They were also chosen due to how pervasive the imagery of both of these two figures are throughout Russian history and how impactful both figures have been on the popular, and religious culture of Russia through to the Soviet Period. This study accomplished the goal of linking Alexander and Ivan to shifts in popular and religious culture throughout Russian history by investigating the images of Ivan IV and Saint Alexander Nevsky during the times in which they were alive, and immediately after they passed away, the 16th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

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Fall 11-29-2020


Dr. Jennifer Spock

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