Lyme Disease is the fastest-growing vector-borne illness in the United States – including in low-endemic states, such as Kentucky; given Kentucky’s low Lyme disease incidence in prior decades, it has since experienced an increase of cases despite a lack of discussion on the condition and its implications on patient health and wellbeing. To measure current levels of knowledge and awareness of Lyme disease in Kentucky residents, a survey was distributed to Microbiology and Honors Program students at Eastern Kentucky University, and its results were discussed. While Lyme disease cases do continue to rise, the general public of Kentucky lacks in substantial discussion on the implications of this health condition. Lyme disease is an uncommon condition, an invisible illness, and a complex infection that mimics myriads of other illnesses, which effectively contributes to low levels of public awareness of the condition. This consideration can directly impact patient experience during Lyme disease infection, and contribute to lower patient quality of life, mental strain, lack of support and negative patient experience during the course of Lyme disease infection.

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Fall 11-27-2020


Dr. Marcia Pierce

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Biological Sciences

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