Although more awareness continues to reduce the stigma around discussing mental health, more issues such as the cost of medical care and lack of access to medical care continue to shed light on the ongoing disparities within the current U.S. healthcare system. Certainly, the frustration of dealing with lack of access to care or the cost of medical care may worsen patients’ anxiety, who may or may not already deal with an anxiety-related disorder. In addition, certain procedures or treatments may contribute to patients’ anxiety. As a result, patient anxiety is increased due to a number of clinical factors. Research fails to examine these factors in a clinical setting that may contribute to the anxiety that patients feel. With particular attention to the physician-patient relationship and its effects on patient anxiety, this thesis identifies flaws within the current healthcare system due to its effects on patients’ anxiety and aims to identify possible changes that could be made in order to make seeking healthcare a less anxiety-inducing experience for patients.

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Fall 2021


Dan Florell

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Biological Sciences