Film has long been relegated to the sidelines when it comes to the world of education. Teachers often view a movie day as a break from teaching and students view it as a break from learning. I aim to understand where this stigma comes from and how to break it. I believe the artistic nature, deep character studies, and physical presentation specifically lends film to the field of diversity education. The first section provides foundational concepts associated with education, film, and diversity. I determine the specifics of creating and performing a lesson plan. I identify flaws within the current system and discuss where they may originate. I then create a refined definition of diversity focused on six pillars. The bulk of the paper revolves around the six pillars and the two films that I assigned to each. I break down the film’s characters and themes and determine how they apply to each pillar. Through the analysis of each film, I will highlight various opportunities and techniques that can be used to turn a movie day into a true lesson. The case studies also allow me to discuss challenges and mistakes that educators face when using introducing film to their pedagogical efforts.

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Fall 11-29-2021


Chad S. Foster

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Safety, Security, and Emergency Management

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Applied Human Sciences

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Family and Consumer Sciences