Healing Through Play: Relieving Anxieties Caused by Stressors Faced When a Child is in Need of Medical Care

By: Lilia (Lily) Lorenz

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeff Reed

Department of Child and Family Studies

The healthcare field is a very diverse and impactful profession to be involved in and is also ever-changing with new studies and updates in treatment methods, caregiving processes, psychological impacts, etc. One concentration within the healthcare field that is drawing increasing interest and attention through research is pediatric units and involvement in pediatric healthcare facilities when working with children and families. While there is an extensive amount of research concerning children and family experiences in different healthcare facilities, researchers and clinicians have not yet settled on the best practices for treating childhood stress and anxiety in hospital settings. This research project analyzes different stressors experienced by children and families when in a healthcare setting as well as what efforts have already been done and what forms of therapy are beneficial for relieving these anxieties. With this expanded research, concepts were developed into a children’s book utilizing developmental education, art therapy, family involvement, ect. as an activity to distract and educate children in a healthcare environment to lessen anxieties experienced by the children and the family as a unit.

Keywords and phrases: healthcare, relieving anxiety, art therapy, child development, family involvement, Child Life Specialist, The Hospital ABC’s

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Fall 2021


Jeff L. Reed

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Applied Human Sciences

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Applied Human Sciences

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Family and Consumer Sciences