Disney Princess movies tend to be one of the most popular movie series for children. Not only are they popular movies, but children often believe that the characters are people, and may model their own behaviors after them. Children learn through mimicking or witnessing behaviors of others, and this effect can be greater if the child feels an attachment to that person. Viewing mental illness may lead children to develop mental illness behaviors themselves. This literature analysis aims to identify abnormal behaviors portrayed by Disney Princesses and identify whether or not the behaviors meet criteria for the Princess to be diagnosed with a mental disorder. Implications for caregivers and mental health practitioners will be discussed. Five Princesses were analyzed in this study: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Anna, and Elsa. The analysis concluded that each of the five Princesses could be diagnosed with a mental, which may have an impact on children.

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Fall 12-2-2021


Krista M. Kimmel

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