America's Favorite Store?: A Case Study of the Public Relations Strategies Adopted by the JCPenney Company


Over the past year the JCPenney company made many changes that transformed the face of the company. These changes were necessary based on profit loss and overall loss of relevancy in the retail industry. In an attempt to reach a new generation of shoppers, Penneys changed its pricing system, its logo, its stores, and most importantly its reputation. Through a series of public relations tactics, the perception of the company in the eye of the public was attempted to be refined. The vision of the new JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson was one of equality and being “fair and square” to all people, both inside and outside of the company. Johnson’s desire was for JCPenney to become “America’s Favorite Store” for all people. This study looks into the key players involved in JCPenney changes, the main tactics that were implemented, its outcomes, and also provides a comparative look at another company that made similar changes. By explaining these main ideas, it will be clear as to whether or not JCPenney really is America’s favorite store.

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Spring 4-29-2013


Kathy Keltner-Previs

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