The Journal of Retracing Africa (JORA) is pleased to release its third volume. This volume builds on the foundation of excellence and intellectual rigor evident in the two previous volumes. JORA has remained committed to its mission to deconstruct misconceived, mistaken, and missing narratives on Africa and Africans by providing a holistic appreciation of the African experience. The articles and book reviews published in this volume honor that commitment. They highlight the often overlooked or misunderstood social and economic issues surrounding colonial and contemporary Africa. The implications and ramifications of Africa’s encounters with the West, especially since the 19th century will continue to engage the attention of Africanists. By focusing on the exploitation of child labor for profit in colonial Kenya, the corporatization of the Nigerian railway to satisfy mostly British selfish economic interests, and the powerful corporate financial interest undermining meaningful regulation of tobacco usage in Nigeria, our authors provide a lens to better understand the roots of some of the challenges facing the continent.