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Student perceptions of research in graduate programs play a role within the Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) curriculum and how future clinicians value Evidence Based Practice and research. The Student Perception of Research Integration Questionnaire (SPRIQ) was utilized to examine students’ perceptions of research in their graduate coursework. Participants included in this study were all students enrolled in an occupational therapy doctorate program. All items were scored on a 5-point Likert scale. Mean scores were calculated for each item on the respondents’ submissions. The items were further categorized into subscales. The mean score of all items of the SPRIQ was 4.44 out of 5. Findings included the highest mean score value of 4.67 in the subcategory of reflection and lowest mean score of 4.25 in the subcategory of beliefs. Based on the results of the survey, it is suggested that OTD students believe research plays an integral role in their learning. Faculty mentors are critical players in students’ learning throughout the research process, which the majority felt was a crucial part in their overall learning experience.


Kristin Valdes, OTD, OT, CHT is an associate professor of occupational therapy at Gannon University, Ruskin, Florida. She was a founding faculty member and is the Capstone Coordinator. Prior to her academic career, she was in private practice as a hand therapist. She is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Hand Therapy.

Stephanie Dalton is an occupational therapy doctoral student at Gannon University. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology at University of Illinois at Chicago, IL. She frequently volunteers within the community in the Tampa Bay, FL. area.

DeAndra Modeste is an occupational therapy doctoral student currently enrolled at Gannon University in Ruskin, FL. She has previously obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Bethune-Cookman University of Daytona Beach, FL. She is enthused about playing an integral role in the dynamic future of occupational therapy.

Jacqueline J. Moskalczyk is currently an occupational therapy doctoral student at Gannon University in Ruskin, Florida. She received her undergraduate degree from Florida Gulf Coast University with a BS in Resort and Hospitality Management, then took a year to complete pre-requisites to attend Gannon University. She is very involved with the Florida Special Olympics and Tim Tebow's Night to Shine events in the Tampa Bay area.

Troy Olmo is occupational therapy doctorate student at Gannon University in Ruskin, Florida. He received his undergraduate degree in Exercises Science with a minor in Psychology at Ave Maria University in Naples, Florida. He frequently volunteers at both a pediatrics hippotherapy facility and neonatal intensive care unit.

Jacklynn M. Smith is currently attending Gannon University and pursuing her doctorate in occupational therapy. She also received a Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-professional Health from Murray State University. She is active in her community as a volunteer and holds an office in the Student Occupational Therapy Association at her university.

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