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Previous research has shown that occupational therapists have increased their self-efficacy for using self intentionally in therapeutic encounters. However, experiences related to such changes have not yet been explored. The authors developed a therapeutic use-of-self training workshop to support the confidence and competence of practicing occupational therapists in using the Intentional Relationship Model and possibly enhancing their self-efficacy for therapeutic use-of-self. The purpose of the study was to explore the experiences of practicing occupational therapists in transferring learning from a training workshop focused on the therapeutic use-of-self into real world practice. Thirteen occupational therapists participated in the workshop and subsequently completed between one and four reflection notes. These notes were subjected to qualitative thematic analysis. The findings were organized into four themes: therapeutic relationship reasoning, engrained previous learning, reflection on/in action, and level of skills in conducting reflection. Reflection skills seemed to be essential for establishing and developing therapeutic relationships; practicing such skills needs to be facilitated by the work environment through emphasis on reflective practice and mentoring.


Dr Farzaneh Yazdani, BSc, MSc Occupational Therapy, MA Psychological and Educational Counselling, PhD: Senior Lecturer and researcher, experienced in tool development, qualitative study designs, mixed methods. Current area of research focuses on development of the Model of Occupational Wholeness and its application.

Amy Stringer, Bsc Occupational Therapy, MSc: Occupational Therapy student with experience of working with children and their families.

Laya Nobakht, BSc and MSc Clinical Psychology, PhD candidate of Health Psychology. Her clinical experience is in the area of IRBT and in particular in the field of Psycho-oncology.

Professor Tore Bonsaksen, BSc OT, MSc: Occupational therapist from Norway with long experience in mental health practice, now Professor of occupational therapy in Oslo and Sandnes. Skilled in clinical and educational research, in particular with the use of quantitative research methods.

Kellie Tune, BSc Occupational Therapy, MSc organizational coaching: Senior lecturer, Faculty of health and Life Sciences Ethics Officer.

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