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This study explored how a revised on-campus occupational therapy clinic model impacted occupational therapy graduate student professional development and clinical practice educator confidence in areas related to the on-campus clinic environment, professionalism, student learning, and collaboration. Specifically, clinical practice educator and student confidence were compared through quantitative survey data across multiple cohorts and clinical educators. This data was used to triangulate qualitative findings from focus groups and open-ended survey questions. Analysis across five years of qualitative data revealed themes related to professionalism including time management, planning, feedback, observation, collaboration, and communication. Quantitative data analysis found significant differences between clinical practice educator and student confidence in clinic environment, professionalism, and learning in an on-campus clinic. No significance was found in collaboration. Students were more confident in their familiarity with the on-campus clinic routine than clinical practice educators. Familiarity with the clinic routine was also related to clinical practice educators’ confidence in supporting student learning for growth and change and resolving challenges that impede student learning. Feedback and communication were important in the students' experiences with benefits and suggestions to improve feedback provided by students. Educators and practitioners interested in alternative Level I fieldwork opportunities can consider the implications for a collaborative supervision model in an on-campus clinic environment.


Kelly Erickson, PhD, OTR/L is Associate Professor and Chair at The College of St. Scholastica with expertise in experiential and self-directed learning, clinical reasoning, and professionalism. Publications include mobile technology in occupational therapy, professionalism with an on-campus clinic, and a framework for diversity, equity, and inclusion with AOTA.

Serena Hutson, OTS is currently completing her master’s in occupational therapy at the College of St. Scholastica, where she previously obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Through the TRIO McNair Scholars Program, she became a research assistant during her undergrad. She is interested in specializing in hand therapy.

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