Funds were made available to each of our institutions, Campbellsville University, Lindsey Wilson College, and St. Catherine College through the Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities for faculty training for the implementation of Senate Bill 1. By pooling the funds available to each of our institutions, we designed a Senate Bill 1 Symposium, an initial six-hour workshop to introduce Senate Bill 1, tailored to the needs of our institutions that provided rich resources and a quality experience. From the core of faculty trained at the initial workshop, each institution was able to build additional training for faculty and to begin the implementation of Senate Bill 1. Working together, we create a cross-fertilization of ideas and a set of contacts for resources that strengthen not only the quality of our professional development, but also present a model for collaboration that provides smaller programs the opportunity to implement quality training. Having the resources to design an initial quality professional development event to meet the specific needs of our faculty members set the stage for our faculty to benefit from subsequent training since our workshop was the first among the private institutions and one of the first in the state.

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