There is an immediate need to help classroom teachers understand the common core standards so they can more effectively teach the content to students of the digital generation. This study summarized the activities in a digital content development workshop for empowering teachers to develop standards-based digital content for K-8 students in need of accelerated learning. Using a pretest-posttest design, the study also examined the impact of the digital content development workshop on participating teachers’ knowledge of core academic standards. A self-developed Knowledge of Core Academic Standards (KCAS) survey was used to measure teachers’ recall of core academic standards, teachers’ awareness of possible changes expected from the implementation of core academic standards, and teachers’ understanding of the differences between the previous standards and the new core academic standards. Paired-samples t-tests were used to evaluate the mean differences before and after the KCAS survey in teachers’ recall scores, teachers’ awareness ratings, and the ratings of teachers’ understanding of the differences. Findings indicated that participating teachers in the digital content development workshop gained significantly in the recall of core academic standards scores on the KCAS survey. Moreover, participating teachers also gained significantly in ratings of the awareness of possible changes and understanding of differences. The digital content development workshop offered a content-embedded pathway for enhancing teachers’ knowledge of core academic standards. Limitations to the study are also discussed.

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