Today, district and school leaders are being recognized for their contributions to improving schools and enhancing student achievement, and this recognition is coming at a pivotal time in the evolution of education in the United States. The need to educate a new generation of learners that are capable of transforming the United States is paramount. Each state has a responsibility to provide the best education it can to its population. Kentucky has made great strides with its education reforms. The state’s alignment of Senate Bill 1 Core Academic Standards with the national Common Core Standards offers great promise (Holliday, 2012). Spiritual leadership traits and attributes exhibited by district and school leaders are gaining recognition as an effective leadership style for correcting what is wrong with the nation’s schools. Personal observations as well as research has shown that there are defined patterns of behavior among certain district and school leaders that indicates their successful use of these spiritual leadership traits and attributes in their daily actions and decisions. This paper discusses the key spiritual leadership traits and attributes that influence successful leadership and provides a list of the essential competences of spiritual leadership that are commonly employed by spiritual district and school leaders to improve schools.

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