For many years, various colleges and universities have found it difficult to measure student satisfaction in online courses. This study examined the growth of math courses that are delivered in the online format. This study looks to address the gaps in the research literature concerning online, hybrid, and traditional education. In particular, it is the intention of this study to investigate satisfaction and its effect on the performance of students as a result of enrolling in online mathematics courses. Many researchers have sought to find ways to determine student satisfaction in online courses. Satisfaction and performance in distance education have always been seen in comparison with traditional education that implements instruction through face-to-face interactions. This study will extend the comparison to include online and hybrid education. An examination of the research literature shows that researchers measure satisfaction and performance in various ways. This situation may well be responsible for the inconsistencies regarding satisfaction and performance found among empirical studies. Although the present study found that older students were not as satisfied in online mathematics courses as younger students, it is not equipped to investigate the reasons driving their lower satisfaction. Future research should look into possible reasons.



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