In the last twenty years, the state of Kentucky has passed legislative initiatives to address the education needs of its children. Even with the implementation of the progressive laws that were passed, many formidable challenges still confront education delivery in the State. This article introduces and describes the utilization of "the Equity-Culture audit" as an invaluable tool for data collection and school culture assessment. The authors examine the significance of the role played by leadership in the creation and maintenance of a school's culture. In addition, there is a discussion of how systemic change in districts and schools can be achieved by assessing and transforming their cultures and climates. Organizational change in schools requires active involvement and direction from the instructional leadership. The article also provides a brief account of Equity-Culture audits conducted in the state. Attention is devoted to the informative revelations of the findings and the data-rich value of these audits. Descriptions of how Equity-Culture audits serve as powerful data collection instruments for indentifying problematic issues and developing viable solutions for challenged schools are examined.



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