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Despite the prevalence of workplace stress, little research has identified both the social and technological sources of it. In two studies, we examined the role of supervisor support and reliable technology in the alleviation of stress. In Study 1, working adults in Mechanical Turk (n = 225) completed an online survey asking them about their workplace attitudes and opportunities. Results of a regression analysis showed that supportive supervisors and reliable technology were the only predictors of lowered stress, even while accounting for coworkers, pay, promotion opportunities, and everyday workplace tasks. In Study 2, undergraduate students (n = 186) completed a computer task that either malfunctioned or worked normally, and were either supervised by a supportive or unsupportive research assistant. The results showed a significant main effect of technology reliability and a Supervisor X Technology interaction effect, but only for female participants. Implications for improving workplace conditions are discussed.

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Jonathan S. Gore

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