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Substance abuse has become a major problem in our nation. It is no surprise that a great percentage of people have admitted that prior to their arrest they had either been drinking or using illicit drugs. When they commit these illegal acts, they then begin to cycle through the criminal justice system. It is also not obvious whether they have an AUD or SUD or that they are chemically dependent. In fact, some of them at this stage will still be in denial that there is even a problem, especially if the offense is something that does not come with a major consequence.

College campuses possess a great need for interventions for substance misuse. College campuses are saturated with young people who are growing and developing, along with dealing with educational and sometimes social barriers and may turn to alcohol and/or drugs to cope. Working as a part of an interprofessional team can help serve the clients at a greater rate. There are nine competencies used by social work professionals as guided practices. There are also other disciplines that have codes of ethics that may or may not resemble the ethics used by social workers. The key is to stay focused on what is best for the clients being served and the purpose of the service delivery.

In the future, working with a team of professionals who are educated on addiction as a disease and not a choice, and those who are willing to advocate for treatment options to those who misuse substances instead of a punitive approach is my aspiration. Interventions should be continuously researched, and customized to meet the needs of each individual client. Ensuring to not make the assumption that the same measure will work for everyone.


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