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Purpose: The research study proposal is an opportunity for students to investigate a topic of interest to them and apply the knowledge they have learned through the course by writing a research paper. Students will submit elements of the proposal throughout the semester and receive feedback from the instructor on each exercise. These elements will be compiled to write the final research proposal. Any suggested edits that were provided to the students in assignment feedback should be made and included in the final proposal.

Designed around the open access textbook Scientific Inquiry in Social Work, by Dr. Matthew DeCarlo

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This assignment is one of the assignment suggestions provided by the original textbook author Dr. Matthew DeCarlo that Dr. Erin Stevenson adapted for use in her SWK 340 course. This is openly licensed for re-use or further adaptation. For ease of adapting, materials are available as PDFs and Microsoft Word documents.

Other openly licensed assignment adaptions are available here.

SWK 340: Research Study Proposal Guidelines

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