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The Parents as Reading Teachers Nightly Encouraging Reading Success (PARTNERS) program provided preservice teachers service-learning field experiences working with families and children of promise. The PARTNERS program utilized preservice teachers to provide families dialogic reading training designed to increase children’s oral language skills and family literacy interactions. This service-learning partnership provided powerful field experiences for the pre-service teachers involved. Preservice teachers were provided regular interactions with families and children of promise. This resulted in preservice teachers having an increased understanding of families of promise, a sense of empowerment, and helped preservice teachers realize their potential to be change agents in the lives of children and families of promise. The program helped parents gain a deeper relationship with their children, empowered parents and caregivers to be literacy models and teachers for their children, and affected the way that parents and caregivers interact with their children. Children whose parents or caregivers attended the dialogic reading training attempted and acquired significantly more words than children whose families did not receive training.