Call for 2021 Scholars Week Faculty Symposium abstract submissions

The Scholars Week Faculty Symposium series is an opportunity for EKU faculty to share their research with the EKU community. Faculty are encouraged to submit an abstract for consideration. Abstract proposals should fall under one of the following categories:

  • Best Practices in Modern Teaching
    • Online teaching has significantly altered pedagogical practices, but the COVID-19 pandemic required several overhauls in the way teachers transmit information to their students, and make them feel a part of the class. This symposium will feature the best practices in modern teaching, focusing on methods that withstood the drastic changes in higher education during the pandemic, and others that were informed by them.
  • 21st Century Innovations
    • The 21st Century has brought with it remarkable advancements in communication and the acquisition of information, but few are aware of other technological innovations and uses of new technologies in a multitude of areas. This symposium will feature the innovations in the development and uses of 21st Century technology and interventions, suited to address the everyday problems and needs of our world.
  • Caring for the Commonwealth: Connecting with Communities
    • EKU is dedicated to serving those in our communities and service region. Utilizing best practices in research and interventions, we have entered into seemingly impossible crises to help those in need. This symposium will feature scholarship that embeds itself in the communities we are called to serve, and the progress made in each of those endeavors.
  • 2020 Vision: What We Learned and How We Can Improve
    • The year 2020 was unforgettable in so many ways. The worldwide pandemic, the economic challenges, the divisive political environment, and the collective calls for social justice are still very much a part of our lives one year later. This symposium will focus on what we’ve learned during the fateful year 2020, and how we can move forward using what we have learned.

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