University Presentation Showcase Event: Faculty Submissions

University Presentation Showcase Event: Faculty Submissions


Call for 2020 University Presentation abstract submissions

Deadline is March 6, 2020

Faculty in ALL departments who have completed a scholarly and/or creative project in the 2018-2019 academic year are invited to participate. Although most of the projects should be displayed as a standard research poster, artwork, performances or other creative work may also be submitted as an image or video file.

Submissions will be posted under the main University Presentation Showcase Event webpage.


Submissions from 2020

Dismantling an Energy Psychology Technique for Communication Apprehension: A Randomized Mixed Methods Trial, John Fitch III, Krista M. Kimmel, and Jennifer L. Fairchild

Developing a Virtual Breast Cancer Survivor Support Group, Anne Fleischer, Claire Davies, Ashley Cummings, Karina Christopher, and Ann Callahan

Client and Healthcare Factors Influencing Hand Therapy Outcomes: Determined by GROC and QuickDASH Scores, Cynthia Hayden

Enabling meaningful student research experiences - functional materials for solar energy conversion and storage, Judith L. Jenkins

Exploring Current Music Practices of K-5 Elementary Teachers During Instruction: A Pilot Study, Nicola F. Mason Dr. and Christine Carucci

Do amphibian populations at geographic range margins exhibit reduced capacities for phenotypic plasticity?, Abigail Odegard, Marina DiBiase, Maris Weihe, and Cy Mott

Investigating Airborne Particulate Matter for Anti-Microbial Resistance, Clint Pinion Jr. and Travis Altheide

I owe my Soul : An examination of Appalachian Coal Mining and Canadian Coal Mining Communities, Developing Awareness for Educators and Counselors, Angela C. Spiers EdD LPCC-S NCC, Ralph Turner PhD, Lawrence Crouch PhD LPCC, and Jacob Hurd

Vision Quest: Examining Ayahuasca in Kentucky, implications for Counseling, Angela C. Spiers EdD LPCC-S NCC, Ralph Turner PhD, Lawrence Crouch PhD LPCC, and Jacob Hurd

Exploring Social Capital Among First-Generation College Students, Erin Stevenson

Occupational Safety Internship Study: Initial Findings, David Stumbo and Troy Rawlins

Change Blindness in a Virtual Arcade, Donald A. Varakin, Cindy V. Vasquez-Caballero, Madison M. Major, and Jon D. Phillips