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Spring 2016


Exercise and Sport Science


The current research shows how the use of a pre-workout, performance-enhancing supplement may improve peak power production acutely, but little for prolonged effects. Purpose: to investigate the effects of supplementation on power production and maintenance upper and lower body tasks. Methods: 23 males (22.9 ± 3.6 yrs, 175.6 ± 6.5 cm, 86.9 ± 15.1 kg, 19.1 ± 8.4 BF%) were familiarized with testing protocol and maximal bench press performances were attained. (109.1 ± 34.0kg) Utilizing a double blind crossover design, subjects completed three trials of: five countermovement vertical jumps, before and after a high-intensity cycle sprint protocol, which consisted of ten maximal, 5 second cycle ergometer sprints, utilizing 7.5% of the subject’s body weight as resistance, with 55 sec of recovery between each sprint. Twenty minutes prior to each trial, the subjects ingested, in a randomized order, Assault Black [Supp], Placebo+300 mg Caffeine [PL+Caff] or a Placebo [PL]). Peak power (PP), mean power (MP) and minimum power (MNP) were recorded for each sprint. Subjects performed a velocity bench press test, utilizing 80% of their predetermined 1RM for 10 sets of 3 repetitions for maximal speed, with one-minute rest between each set. Maximal velocity from each set was recorded. Bike sprint and bench press data were normalized to the placebo trial for analysis. Blood lactate [bLa-] was measured immediately prior to each testing session, within 2 minutes of the completion of the last cycle sprint and following the bench press test. Results: Wingate testing showed no significant differences through the testing sessions. In the bench press, peak velocity was higher with both the Supp and PL+Caff treatments compared with placebo group (1.09±.17 Supp, 1.10±.16 PL+caff, and 1±0 PL, pConclusions: Supplementation with Assault Black or placebo with caffeine showed positive benefits in performance, specifically in velocity for the bench press.