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Spring 2021


Recreation and Park Administration


Recreation and Park Administration




Dr. Jon C. McChesney

Mentor Department

Recreation and Park Administration


The average amount of time children spend outdoors is at an average of 3-7 minutes per day. This is raising concern given the immense benefits that come with outdoor recreation. Recreation activities relieve us from the feeling of monotony, restores energy, improves physical and mental wellbeing, and encourages a sense of joy (Dee, 2020). However, there are barriers that many face when it comes to engaging in outdoor recreational activities such as lack of transportation, money, and resources (Traylor, 2017). These barriers can be remedied by a Recreation on the Move program. Louisville Parks and Recreation implemented a Let’s Play mobile playground unit and as a result, it has had a positive impact on children in Louisville neighborhoods (Traylor, 2017). Similarly, this program concept could be a great way to empower the community and combat these boundaries. With this program, the Recreation and Park Administration for the City of Richmond will be able to provide safe play experiences for children within their community. The perks of this program elucidated in this research include how the department is consumer focused, it's time crunch sensitive and this movement can drastically improve youth physical activity. This is a literature review with a qualitative research component involving interviews with Richmond, Kentucky residents and recreation professionals.