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Spring 2017




Recreation and Park Administration




Michael J. Bradley

Mentor Department

Recreation and Park Administration


Locavores are essential to the economic success of a community because they consume local products and when visiting other communities, buy local there as well. Community brewery visitors tend to be locavores due to their desires to experience local products and emphasis on supporting local business owners and entrepreneurs. Therefore, understanding locavore tendencies may increase the number of locavores and increase economic circulation in a community. For this project, researchers surveyed resident patrons to breweries in Kentucky.

Results of the survey indicate that a large percentage of brewery visitors like the idea of supporting their local small business owners and therefore benefitting their community economically. Also, a large lure to becoming a locavore for brewery visitors is the idea that the environmental impact is substantially reduced, and the product they are purchasing will taste better and make them feel better. Most people surveyed felt that local products were more expensive than larger brand products, and felt that they could get better prices through larger, name-brand products; despite this, brewery patrons still have a desire to buy local products mainly for the benefit of their community.

Brewery visitors tend to support the idea of becoming a locavore because they want to benefit their community. The more attached they feel to their community, the more they want to buy local products to benefit the small businesses around them. Therefore, marketing local products to brewery visitors and potential brewery visitors would increase local consumption and local economic development.