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Creation Date

Fall 12-2016


Homeland Security; Spanish


Justice Studies




Michael W. Collier

Mentor Department

Justice Studies


Over the last few years the use of drones, both domestically and internationally, has become a highly debated issue. Conversations have arisen about the legality of using drones for surveillance and attack against enemy forces, and how such devices will impact the world. Through this research, legality and ethical justifications will be questioned and explored. There are four possible hypotheses prior to this research. The hypotheses are a combination of the use of U.S. drones being legal or not, and the use of them being ethical or not. The results will be found from a collection of articles, books, laws, surveys, and interviews. While the results will focus on strictly the legal findings and ethical implications, the abilities, effectiveness and impact of drones will also be taken into consideration when determining the results. Displaying both sides of this issue, the legal and ethical side, will provide a better overview of drones and if they should continue to be used by U.S. forces.