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Paducah Pride: Sense of Community among Local Visitors to Craft Breweries


The objective of this exploratory study is to investigate how the sense of community influences the preferences of buying local beer. In the investigation, key factors such as the motivations of buying local, the sense of community, and the trends of the community buying local will be examined. In order to do this, the researcher used survey research methodology to attain information from visitors to Dry Ground Brewing Company in Paducah, Kentucky. Once all data were compiled, relationships between the specified variables were analyzed to enhance understanding and knowledge of brewery visitors in Kentucky.

Results indicate residents of the surrounding area have a strong sense of place and place attachment to their community. Brewery patrons were there for a variety of reasons such as: participating in a brewery tour, participating in beer sampling, purchasing beer or food, did not visit the brewery to get drunk, but did visit to be with friends and family, to relieve stress and for entertainment. Local patrons tended to have a significant locavore attitude.

It is important to research and gain information about local visitors to breweries as well as visitors who come from outside of the surrounding community. It could be beneficial to the brewery to know how much of the community identifies with their business and how to market to those visitors. Each brewery has a position with tourists and locals and must be able to determine their preferences and trends in order to meet their needs and provide a meaningful experience.