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Creation Date

Fall 2015


Apparel Design & Merchandising


Family and Consumer Sciences




Amber M. Chatelain

Mentor Department

Family and Consumer Sciences


Color is one of the first characteristics a buyer notices when shopping for an item, it is also the first characteristic that may keep someone from buying that item. It is important for designers, manufacturers, and store buyers to stay on trend so that their items will sell and their investments won’t be wasted. Workers throughout all levels of the fashion industry will conduct research and construct color boards to efficiently achieve their goals. The purpose of this particular color board is to forecast the trends of the Spring and Summer 2016 season: what will be popular, what will be available, and what everyone will be talking about. This board is the result of research done in the Fall of 2015 that identified what fashion designers were showing and what fashion forecasters and magazines identified as the main colors of the 2016 Spring and Summer seasons. In order to represent this trend the board shows fabrics, hand-drawn pictures, and other materials in the colors of Burgundy and Taupe. These colors have been a large trend since the Fall of 2015 and continue to be in stores across the country in the form of clothes, accessories, and makeup.