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Creation Date

Spring 2016




Biological Sciences




Qian Xiao

Mentor Department

Management, Marketing, and International Business


Richmond, Kentucky has grown substantially over the last decade providing the community with many new restaurants, companies, and resources. This has made a great impact on the area by providing more job opportunities and greater variety for its population. Although this impact has been extremely positive, we believe that there is something Richmond is missing, a smoothie shop. Locally there are few places that smoothies can be purchased, and at those locations only a few flavors are available. There is a portion of the population in our community that are looking for a healthier alternative for a snack or early morning fix than ice cream or coffee. This portion of the population consists of college students, families and members of the community engaging in fitness and clean eating. To test if this business would be successful in our community, we would like to set up a booth at two different locations providing sample smoothies of the ones that would be sold at our smoothie shop. One location would be on Eastern Kentucky University’s campus and another would be in the center of the Richmond center. We would set up these booths for a week’s time at each location during the spring when the target population is looking for a cold snack to cool them down. From this experiment we are able to confirm our target population, observe which flavors are well liked by customers and obtain ideas for new flavors customers ask for. Once obtaining our results we will be able to open our business to suit the needs of the community and start a successful business.