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Eastern Kentucky University's Chautauqua Lecture Series theme, “Living with Others: Challenges and Promises,” certainly resonates with my life, my experiences and my work for human rights. I have found that a proactive approach to living with others provides a strong antidote to close-mindedness, hate and violence. Living with others peacefully, harmoniously and joyfully broadens and liberates one’s life. This sharply contrasts with my Southern upbringing during the forties and fifties, when white supremacy and male chauvinism led many southerners to be narrow minded and reactionary. Juxtaposing challenge with promise, as the Chautauqua theme does, is also compatible with my philosophy of life, relying as I do on dialectics, the unity of opposites and the social gospel. Existence in a monoculture where everyone is the same may be peaceful but it is boring. Living together in today’s global culture has its challenges, but it is exciting to say the least.