Encompass is an institutional repository administered by EKU Libraries

The goal of this service is to provide a place to collect, manage, preserve, and facilitate access to EKU’s scholarly output, unique research holdings, special collections, and archival records.

The guidelines outlined are intended to ensure that items submitted to Encompass comply with copyright, and that the digital content stored there remains both viable and accessible.

Open Access Policy

All material in Encompass, unless stated otherwise, is freely available for users around the world to view, download, and print.

Except as allowed by fair use (Title 17, §107 U.S.C.) or any purposes allowed under applicable law or granted by a Creative Commons license, users may not reproduce, republish, perform, alter, transmit, distribute, or use for commercial purposes any work from this web site in any physical or digital form without the permission of the copyright owner.

In select cases, certain material may only be available to Eastern Kentucky University faculty, students, and staff

Author Rights

Authors of work/works published through Encompass publishing platform retain the copyright, unless otherwise stated. Authors are responsible for copyright clearance of materials in their research.

User Rights

All users must respect the intellectual property rights of the author. Materials may be downloaded for education and research purposes provided due recognition is given to the author. Material may not be copied, distributed, displayed, altered, or used for commercial purposes, unless such use is specified.

Materials that can be contributed to Encompass

    Books and book chapters
      University Records Information archival records (policy documents, meeting notes, reports)
        Conferences and events (papers, presentations, programs, videos, proceedings)
          Course materials
            Data sets and/or descriptive metadata
              Dissertations and theses
                Faculty and student scholarship (articles, presentations, multimedia)
                  Grey literature (technical reports, research reports, working papers)
                    Open access journals
                      Streaming Content

                    Acceptable File Formats

                    Encompass is hosted on Digital Commons, a product of Berkeley Electronic Press. The system will accept most current file formats:

                    • doc
                    • docx
                    • rtf
                    • txt
                    • pdf
                    • tiff
                    • jpeg
                    • bmp
                    • png
                    • gif
                    • mov
                    • mpg
                    • mpeg
                    • mp4
                    • ppt
                    • xls

                    The standard is for documents to be submitted as text-based (.txt, .rtf, .doc, .docx) or pdf files.

                    For ppt files the preferred method is to convert them to pdf before uploading.

                    Any text-based files are converted by the system to pdf format for display purposes, and a system-generated title page is inserted at the beginning of each document.

                    While a wide variety of file formats are accepted, uploading a particular file type to the repository does not commit the University to provide the software necessary to view or use file types outside standard computer configurations. Because technology continues to change rapidly, it may not be possible to preserve the usability of every file format that is deposited in Encompass.

                    File Sizes

                    The current file size limit is 2 GB (gigabytes).

                    However, files exceeding 30MB may cause users to experience issues such as timeouts and errors. File types most likely to exceed that size are audio, video, and image files.

                    For more information, consult the Encompass Frequently Asked Questions

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