About Institutional Repositories

What is an institutional repository?

An institutional repository is a single, online place where a community gathers and preserves scholarly and creative output produced by its members and makes these materials available to the world free of charge (copyright permitting).

This output may include both publications in peer-reviewed journals and materials not published elsewhere (datasets, pre-prints, post-prints, performance recordings, syllabi, theses and dissertations, etc). Books are not typically included in institutional repositories.

What is Encompass?

Encompass is EKU's institutional repository (also known as IR). Encompass captures and preserves the scholarly and creative output of EKU's faculty, staff, and students and provides free full-text access to open access research.

Encompass also provides submission and publishing tools for journals, electronic theses, and poster sessions. This allows EKU Libraries to offer online publishing opportunities for EKU faculty, staff, and students.

What are the benefits of depositing scholarship into Encompass?

  • Access to your research is improved

    Adding materials to a repository ensures that research is freely available. Often research is locked away within expensive journals that require a subscription to access. Ensuring copies of your work are located in open access repositories makes this available free to anyone on the internet.
  • Enhanced research impact

    Wider access often leads to higher citation. Repositories are indexed by search tools such as Google and can dramatically increase the rates at which your research is found and then subsequently cited. Download statistics can also be provided to authors as another indication of the impact of your work.
  • Safe archiving

    Repositories are a safe archival record of your research output. Strict backup and archival protocols are followed to ensure a lasting record of research output at EKU.
  • Facilitate research sharing

    Requests for copies of your papers can be referred to the repository, saving you time and effort.

For more information, consult the Encompass Frequently Asked Questions

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