Department Chair: Dr. Paul Paolucci

The Department of Anthropology, Sociology, and Social Work offers a wide variety of Majors and minors in each of its three programs.

Anthropology is the study of humankind from a broad viewpoint. Over time and through space, anthropology examines human biological and cultural diversity, and its interaction with the environment. Our Anthropology Program highlights three of the four sub-fields of anthropology: archaeology, cultural anthropology, and physical anthropology.

Sociology studies the groups within which we spend our lives — our families, schools, communities, workplaces, and societies — and helps to define us in the eyes of others as well as defining us to ourselves. Through our Sociology Program, we strive to provide students with critical thinking skills and a knowledge of society, groups, and social relationships to prepare them to be better informed individuals and to take advantage of employment opportunities where analytic knowledge of the social world is valued.

Social Work deals with helping people meet their basic needs and helps empower those who are vulnerable, oppressed, or living in poverty. Social workers help people identify and manage the environmental forces that create, contribute to, and address problems in living. Our Social Work Program offers students the ability to participate in the community and help those in need through community service projects and practicums and earn certifications to become a professional social worker.