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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Molly Bradshaw-O'Neal

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Wanda France

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Oral chemotherapy and intravenous (IV) chemotherapy share many of the same side effects. However, at community General Hospital Medical Center oral chemotherapy patients were not receiving equitable monitoring and education like their IV chemotherapy counterparts. To bridge the gap, a quality improvement (QI) initiative to improve education, documentation and follow-up between visits was proposed to increase compliance and understanding. The QI project consisted of patients taking oral chemotherapy within the first 12 weeks of starting treatment. Patients were contacted weekly via nurse lead follow up calls and the Oral Chemotherapy Template was discussed with the patient to identify concerns or side effects to medication. Findings were documented on the Oral Chemotherapy Template and relayed to the provider if warranted. Random chart audits were performed to assess the effectiveness of problem identification and education given to patients on oral chemotherapy. Findings showed that the implementation of the Oral Chemotherapy Template and nurse lead follow up calls has narrowed the gap in monitoring, education, compliance, and safety of patients taking oral chemotherapy at CGH Medical Center.

Keywords: oral, chemotherapy, adherence, follow-up, education

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