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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Fontaine Sands

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Molly Bradshaw-O'Neal

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STEMI care can be challenging for med-surg telemetry nurses to recognize among inpatients because it is a high-risk low volume population. Frequently these patients’ present with atypical acute coronary syndrome (ACS), and not the classic chest pain seen when someone calls 911. However, the same treatment and care out-of-the hospital patients receive when calling 911 should be the same gold standard for in-hospital patients. More studies have been conducted to perfect the out-of-hospital STEMI care versus the in-hospital STEMI care. Mock drills can help improve knowledge, self-confidence, and performance with inpatient STEMI care. This DNP project was an evidenced-based quality improvement using quantitative and qualitative methods. The DNP project implemented an educational program for ACS and simulated mock STEMI drills among a convenience sample (N=11) of med-surg telemetry unit nurses in a small 105 bed community hospital. The implementation framework used was the Institute for Healthcare (IHI) Model for Improvement, known as the PDSA model. The same cohort of nurses participated in both the education and simulated mock STEMI drills. The ACS education was created from the American College of Cardiology (ACC) Chest Pain guidelines for accreditation. A pre-post assessment was done prior to and after the education for ACS. During the Mock STEMI drill a performance checklist was utilized to measure if nurses recognized ACS symptoms, obtained an EKG within 10 minutes, and read by physician, and initiated Cath Lab activation. After the drill, a post survey Quantitative-Likert scale was used from the National League of Nursing to measure satisfaction and self-confidence in learning, as well as a debriefing in which qualitative themes were identified.

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