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Open Access Capstone

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Molly Bradshaw-O'Neal

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Theresa Loan

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New graduate Registered Nurses (RN) are experiencing a difficult transition to practice. In turn it causes increased stress and job dissatisfaction. The quality improvement project focused on a bundled intervention to bridge this gap. It involved a preceptorship enhancement bundle to improve training with an emphasis on intentional pairing of preceptor/preceptee and use of the One-Minute Preceptor Model. People of like temperament were paired using the Ntrinsx personality profile to enhance the learning relationship. The One-Minute Preceptor Model was used to train preceptors how to engage critical thinking and clinical reasoning in the new RN. The actions of intentionally pairing preceptors with new grads as well as the use of the One-Minute Preceptor Model led to a reduction in preceptorship extensions with a decrease from 25% to zero, and improved preceptorship outcomes. Nurses reported satisfaction in their relationships with preceptors and confidence in their clinical reasoning skills. There was an had an overall result of satisfaction in their preceptorship and training. This overall improved satisfaction in preceptorship is expected to improve patient outcomes and will be carried into generations of future nurses in the facility as job satisfaction and retention is expected to improve.

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