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In 1998, the International Federation of Environmental Health (IEFH) commissioned the International Faculty Forum (IFF) of environmental health educators to develop an international curriculum for environmental health. In commissioning such a curriculum, IFEH implicitly recognised and sought to address the ongoing issues of professional identity, status and the transportability of qualifications for Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs). A draft model for an international curriculum based on competence was proposed by Brennan, Konkel and Lewis and developed and supported by IFF members when they met in May 2008 in Brisbane, Australia. Development of the model and its underpinning concepts of 'environmental healthiness' ("EHness") is complete. "EHness" is defined as those abilities/skills that are uniquely possessed and focused on in professional practice by EHPs. The draft international curriculum details "EHness" by the specification of core knowledge, skill and competencies to be attained and maintained by EHPs during the initial qualification process and via lifelong professional development and learning.

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10th World Congress on Environmental Health