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Download Common Texts: How to Read Like a Writer, by Mike Bunn (185 KB)

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Download Common Texts: The Defense Department is Worried about Climate Change and Also a Huge Carbon Emitter, by Neta Crawford (384 KB)

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The Commons: Tools for Reading, Writing, and Rhetoric gives instructors and students of college writing courses a single source for information on metacognitive critical reading, rhetorical awareness, and MLA formatting basics as well as interesting and relevant reading and viewing content. Its approach is interdisciplinary, bringing in material from ecology, sociology, psychology, technology, popular culture, political science, cultural studies, and literature. Each essay, website, video, infographic, and poem has been carefully chosen to speak to the Eastern Kentucky University community, but everyone can find something that speaks to our common human experience and our need to communicate and connect with one another.



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critical thinking, metacognition, rhetorical awareness, reading, writing, rhetoric


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