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Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, there are over 22,000 youth being educated in programs that are funded, operated or contracted by state agencies. These state agency children come from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds and bring a multiplicity of social, psychological, behavioral and educational problems that challenge teachers and staffs. These particular Kentucky students, more than any others, are at the greatest risk of not making successful transitions into adulthood. It is critical that all such young people be afforded the highest quality of transition planning and support so that they can become successful and productive adults. This report is a detailed and comprehensive account of a year-long study that identified and described key elements of student transition in education programs for state agency children in Kentucky. The study included all 105 non-traditional education programs funded and supervised by the Kentucky Educational Collaborative for State Agency Children (KECSAC). The study design used a mixed methods approach that included input from state agency youth and administrators.

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Kentucky Educational Collaborative for State Agency Children