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Open Access Thesis

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Master Thesis

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Master of Public Administration (MPA)



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Government and Economics

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LeAnn Beaty

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Government and Economics

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Vicki L. Jozefowicz

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Government and Economics

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Randall D. Swain

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Government and Economics


This report was conducted to assist public administrators serving in municipal fire departments in making the complex decision to pursue agency accreditation. The research finds that very little information is available to administrators that details the impacts accreditation has on a municipal fire department. The research conducted in this report aims to fill that gap.

Literature was reviewed that focused on the emergence of accreditation within the fire service. Then, an exploratory qualitative research method was utilized for the framework of this research, and interviews were arranged with members of various fire departments possessing unique relationships and experience with the accreditation process. Their responses were analyzed to reveal themes and patterns that would clarify the impacts of accreditation on municipal fire departments. The results from the research confirmed that accreditation does have various complex impacts on municipal fire departments.