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January 2017

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Open Access Thesis

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Master Thesis

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Master of Music (MM)



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Christine Carucci

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Kristen Kean

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Bernardo Scarambone

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This study examines scholarly articles in twenty-five volumes of The Flutist Quarterly, which is published by the National Flute Association. Articles were specifically examined for emerging categories, and frequency and percentages of each was noted. In addition, major trends that have occurred within the periodical over the past twenty-five years were examined. Using a content analysis, N = 391 articles were coded to fit into ten prominent categories: artist profile, career-related, composition, health, historical, instrument, interview, pedagogy, performance practice, and other. Results indicated that "Artist Profile" (21.99%, n = 86), "Interview" (18.93%, n = 74), and "Historical" (16.11%, n = 63) categories were the most prominent. In addition, trends over the past twenty-five volumes have shown an emphasis on performers throughout the articles, as well as a tendency toward performance-based topics such as popular compositions and performance practices. The least popular areas of publication included pedagogy (5.11%, n = 20), health (4.09%, n = 16), career-related (3.32%, n = 13), and instrument (3.07%, n = 12) categories. Additional trends are noted to inform and advance the flutist community.

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