Date of Award

January 2019

Degree Type

Open Access Dissertation

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

First Advisor

Sherwood Thompson

Department Affiliation

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Second Advisor

Lisa N. Gannoe

Third Advisor

Charles S. Hausman

Department Affiliation

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies


Learning begins at birth, and 90% of the brain is developed by the age of five. This is one reason why it is critical that children spend time in a quality early childhood prior setting that provides continuous opportunities for optimal cognitive and social development. For this study, the researcher examined Brigance Screener scores for all children in Scott County, Kentucky that would enter kindergarten in 2018. From that screener, prior early childhood settings information was gathered. The data in this study discovered that children who attended public preschool were more ready for kindergarten than children who did not attend preschool. The study proved that the most kindergarten ready group of students were those coming from private child care centers. The findings of this study are valuable, as Kentucky continues to navigate the best way to prepare the future generation of students.