Date of Award

January 2021

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Open Access Dissertation

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Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

First Advisor

Charles S. Hausman

Department Affiliation

Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership

Second Advisor

Angela G. Spiers

Department Affiliation

Clinical Therapeutic Programs

Third Advisor

Lawrence R. Crouch

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The experience of Deaf tenure track or tenured faculty in post-secondary education is largely unknown. This qualitative phenomenological examination afforded six Deaf tenure track or tenured faculty to share their experiences. The purpose of this study is to share the day-to-day lived experience of Deaf tenure track or tenured faculty in post-secondary institutions. The goal of the study was to reveal areas of growths and strengths to allow institutions to better recruit, support, and retain Deaf tenure track faculty. Deaf faculty shared their experiences and have overcome barriers leading to success in their field. Interviews were conducted with each participant and data was coded and organized. Six themes emerged from the data: Community, communication, interpreting, relationships, unique challenges Deaf faculty encounter, and tips. Findings from this study will aid post-secondary institutions in promoting a healthy and equitable atmosphere for Deaf tenure track or tenured faculty. The implications of the study’s findings for practice and recommendations for future studies related to Deaf tenure track or tenure faculty are also included. Keywords: communication; community; Deaf; deaf faculty; interpreting; interpreter; relationships; tenure;