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Management, Marketing, and International Business

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Computer use is ubiquitous in today’s society. Many users work with computers in their personal and professional lives every day. As this usage continues to increase, misuse of computing resources causes harm to more and more individuals, businesses and society. This misuse and computer crimes have been problems for organizations for at least 20 years now (Panettieri, 1995; Straub and Nance, 1990). Ethical dilemmas have been used as a research technique to study business ethics for years and more recently, this research method has been extended to the field of Information Technology (Kreie and Cronan, 1998; Straub and Nance, 1990).

While previous work has been done to determine ethical judgments and behaviors in IT, most of this research is done on a single "ethical" measure. This research builds upon previous research done by Ellis and Griffith (2001) by using a multidimensional construct made up of moral equity, relativism and contractualism measures. This paper extends the knowledge base of computer ethics with this measure.

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Appalachian Research in Business Symposium (ARBS)