Tech Training and Library Advocacy: Linking the Academic Library with the School Library and Turning Pre-service Teachers Into Lifelong Library Users



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Book Chapter

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The relationship between K-12 teachers and school librarians is an important connection and one that is essential to student success. As times change, school librarians are rapidly becoming the technology leaders of their institutions, building and managing Makerspaces, providing information literacy and digital literacy instruction, and training busy teachers on the latest educational technologies. However, many teachers, even recent graduates, are unaware of the changing role of the school librarian and how the school librarian's technology expertise may support them in their work. This chapter will cover the ways in which Eastern Kentucky University Education Librarians have worked with pre-service teachers in ways that model the ideal relationship between K-12 teachers and school librarians, using technology and technology training in order to cultivate teachers who are lifelong library users and advocates, and who take full professional advantage of their school librarian's skills. The chapter will cover the ins and outs and challenges of addressing this particular issue.

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Teaching technology in libraries: Creative ideas for training staff, patrons, and students