Reflective Learning in a Chinese MBA Program: Scale Assessment and Future Recommendations



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Management, Marketing, and International Business

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The purpose of this study was twofold: (1) to use Chinese MBA students to validate the expanded reflective learning continuum and address the concerns raised in this regard in business education; (2) to determine whether the continuum concept holds true in a non-western culture and whether the reflective learning continuum remains a powerful force in MBA students’ learning outcomes in China. A total of 232 MBA students in China completed a three-page questionnaire that included all question items set out in the work of Peltier, Hay, and Drago. The translation/back-translation technique was employed in order to achieve a semantic, conceptual and normative equivalent relative to the original English version. The results yielded by this study and its predecessors suggest that (1) reflective learning is a multi-dimensional concept in nature, and (2) the reflective learning continuum could take on a similar picture across various social and cultural contexts. This study extends the work of Peltier et al. on reflective learning continuum in the context of Chinese higher education. Given the increased need for internationalization of business education and the paucity of studies examining educational needs across cultures and nationalities, the results drawn from the Chinese MBA student sample provide valuable information about the degree to which Chinese MBA students take on problem-based and explorative approaches from school.

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Journal of Further and Higher Education