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A Country in Crisis: Will Greece Survive?


Management, Marketing, and International Business

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A well-educated Grecian guide discussed with a 2017 tour group her conviction that her native country will not survive the multiple crises that the country has endured since 2007. Will this ancient country known for its rich history and the scholars and philosophers walking and talking in the Acropolis and the Ancient Agora cease to exist? This article seeks to fill a void identified by Blaszczynski (2017) regarding the need for more in-depth international business articles regarding specific countries and the many aspects of their cultural identity and the way they conduct business. The country of Greece will be studied to help build an understanding of the current crisis affecting the economic, political, and societal wellbeing of this country. The austerity measures currently imposed on Greece and the influx of refugees entering Europe through this gateway country will be explored for their impact on the Grecian people. Activities for incorporating the article into international business classes are provided.

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Journal for Global Busines Education

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