Instruction on the Fly: Crafting Creative Solutions.



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The new ACRL Framework charges all librarians--from the veteran to the next-gen--to be more engaged in the higher education environment beyond the walls of the library, collaborating more deeply with faculty and mentoring students as they navigate an information environment that is becoming increasingly participatory and less static and hierarchical.

Accordingly, librarians must adapt to the discomfort of the new and/or the unknown in order to evolve beyond the same old routine and spark creative fires through collaboration and rapid-fire thinking. In order to simulate the discomfort inherent in embarking upon the new and unknown, let us put you on the spot in this interactive, hands-on workshop that will teach you how to “fly by the seat of your pants” without crashing.

Participants may work individually, in pairs, or in small groups to design creative and impactful instructional approaches in response to random combinations of common scenarios and variables, mimicking the librarian’s typical planning environment. Will you get a one-shot or a series? A freshman composition course, capstone experience in History, or graduate biology course? Will you be in a computer lab or a tech-free classroom? A classroom with flexible furniture and mobile whiteboards or a traditional desk-in-rows classroom? What frame or threshold concept will the classroom instructor ask you to focus on?

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