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The FROG Model: Enhancing Teaching and Learning by Leaping from Archives to Classrooms



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The FROG Model describes a useful internal and external mantra for the collaboration of archivists and faculty, and their resulting engagement of students with primary sources. The model was developed with concerted efforts towards diversifying the archives experience for students from all academic levels.

The presenters will provide a description of the FROG Model and detail how their backgrounds contributed to its development. Drawing on Yakel and Torres’ (2003) paradigm of user expertise in archives and Bahde, Smedberg, and Taormina’s (2014) book on instructional exercises with primary sources, the presenters will briefly discuss the hands-on activities and assignments that they used. Demonstrating a classroom-tested collaborative activity, sample primary sources will be shared with participants, who will be asked to answer questions about the contents, writing style, purpose, and historical relevance (similar to what students would be asked to do).

Participants will be given a chance to reflect on how they can collaborate with archivists or faculty in order to engage students with primary sources. While providing questions to encourage this reflection, participants will also be given the opportunity to share their ideas, submit suggestions, and receive feedback on how an archive can provide a variety of primary source exercises that span all disciplines.

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